Consulting Services

Our consultants have hands on experience in schools and understand how culture influences change. See how well good listening produces sustainable planning.

Professional Development

Our people work in schools everyday. We don’t just train you with tools. We teach how to integrate those tools into your curriculum and how to work with your myriad other tools.


There is no perfect consultant.

Educational Collaborators brings a team to your project, comprised of different people who are experienced with your challenge, school culture, tools, and competitive landscape. Bringing different lenses to our client’s needs give them the most comprehensive solution for the best price. Also, we listen. Our client’s perspective is one of the most important lenses we consider. Together, we create an unstoppable team.



Our consultants have hands on experience in schools and understand how culture influences change. See how well good listening produces sustainable planning.


EdTech/DB Audit

Schools spend a lot of technology and systems. Eliminate wasteful spending and improve your strategic outcomes through one of our Technology Audits. We will review Classroom Integration, Staffing, Infrastructure, Data Systems and more to lower costs and improve outcomes. Learn more HERE.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning requires vision, communication and collaboration. Quality systems help efficiently turn that plan into action. Our tech savvy education leaders help develop plans that leverage the systems and tactical skills you have to create strategic plans that move mountains.


Educational Collaborators offers a low cost Cybersecurity Assessment aligned with the ATLIS Cybersecurity Recommendations. Have your cybersecurity profile evaluated by the people that created the recommendations for ATLIS. Click HERE to request more information!

Technology Impact & Efficacy Assessment (TIE)

Our low cost Technology Assessment and Predictive Analytics tool to help you focus your efforts on EdTech Impact, IT Operations and Data Security. This powerful tool provides data and recommendations reflective of your culture! Learn more HERE.

Professional Development Planning

Teachers, administrators and staff are often at very different places with regard to their comfort with technology. As a result, one-shot professional learning is often ineffective. We take an informed approach, leveraging resources you have to meet your varied learning needs.

And Much More!

Our most important virtue is that we listen. We want to understand your needs as well as strengths so we work together to help you meet your goals. With over 100 education and technology experts, we likely have experience in your area of need. Don’t see what you need? Just ask, we can probably help.


Our people work in schools everyday. We don’t just train you with tools. We teach how to integrate those tools into your curriculum and how to work with your myriad other tools.


We are platform agnostic! Whether you prefer Apple, Google, Microsoft, or a combination of those, we have the skills and partnerships to help you succeed!


Multiple Formats

One size doesn’t fit all. We offer keynotes, on-site workshops, webinars, online courses and much more. We will work with you to meet your learning needs.


Multi-School Events

Sometimes environments that bring together people from different schools and districts can be powerful. Our bootcamps and summits empower this.




Simply training on tools is a waste of teacher’s precious time. All of our professional development takes your school’s culture and community into consideration. However, sometimes you need something very custom, such as Chromebooks or O365 in a Universal Design for Learning Environment. We can do that! Just let us know what you need! Below are merely examples.




With over 25 Apple Distinguished Educators, our people have daily experience working with Apple products in their schools!


Intro to OSX & iOS

If you are just making the hop to Apple products, our Apple Distinguished Educators can help you get the most from your new devices.

Creating a Culture of Learning

From classroom management to challenge based learning, let our ADE’s help build your curriculum with iPads.

iPads in the Content Areas

Whether you are looking for interdisciplinary or deep dive support, our ADE’s can show you project ideas for any subject.

Curriculum Integration with Mac

Focusing on the basic app bundle, Pro Apps bundle or the Adobe Suite, learn powerful integration projects for Mac.

Curriculum Integration with iPad

Focusing on a variety of iOS Apps, our ADE’s can show you powerful integration projects for iPad at any level.

And Much More!

With over 300 years of collective Mac and iPad program leadership experience, if you can dream it, we can help you design and deliver it!



We are one of Google’s original professional development partners. Whether you need help with G-Suite, Chromebooks, Google’s curriculum, or certification. We have one of the largest pools of Google education experts in the world!


Google Educator Level I

Let our Google Certified Trainers help your teachers get to a common level of comfort with G-Suite Applications.


Google Educator Level II

Get deeper into integrating the G-Suite Applications into the curriculum while preparing for the Level II Exam.


Creative Collaborative Learning Environments

Our most popular G-Suite integration workshop features two hands on days creating a collaborative classroom.

Chromebook Remote Deployment Support

Lightweight, low-cost support for Admin Console. Why buy a huge service when all you need is some remote support?

Google Expeditions

Become an expert with the Expeditions Kits and learn best practices for use in your curriculum.

Google Anywhere School Experience

Hands-on, immersive, project based learning experience for your school or region. LEARN MORE.

Free Google Services

Qualify for free Google services based on your Chromebook purchase. LEARN MORE

And Much More!

With 300+ years of collective G-Suite and Chromebook program experience, if you can dream it, we can help you with it!



We are one of Microsoft’s top strategic professional development partners. Whether you are new to Office 365 or seeking to deepen the integration of the Microsoft ecosystem, we are one of the best!


MIE Teacher Academy

Our top rated MIE Trainers offer a one-day workshop or conference to experience Microsoft tools for the classroom.

MIE Trainer Academy

Build your training capacity by certifying your teacher-leaders as MIE Trainers in this hands-on, two day experience.

OneNote Academy

From ClassNotebook to Learning Tools, spend a day getting the most out of the most powerful app in education, OneNote!

Office 365 Academy

Explore the many facets of this powerful collaboration suite. Learn the tools through powerful sample lessons for your class.

Minecraft Academy

Bring learning alive with one of the most popular games in the world! See how Minecraft can moonshot your curriculum!

Learning without Borders

Explore the world through Skype! Chat and speak with automatic language translation with experts around the world!

Education Transformation Framework

The Microsoft Education Transformation Framework… Click HERE to request more information!

And Much More!

Our offerings for Microsoft professional learning are always changing and evolving… Click HERE to see our current list of workshops!



Companies come to Educational Collaborators all the time to help develop or deliver professional development on their products. Even if you need help with something that is not below, let us know! Chances are we have an expert!


HP Sprout

EC designed the PD for this amazing, creative engineering device. We are also HP’s top trainer on this device.

Lenovo VR Classroom

EC designed the PD and classroom support for this powerful virtual learning classroom kit.


EC is both a curriculum design and training partner for this creative and fun programming platform and robotics company.


As a long time partner of Finalsite, we create custom solutions to help schools learn the platform and build processes around it.

Science Bits

This science curriculum is taking off and EC is the largest US training partner on this powerful and creative web-based K-12 science curriculum solution.

Learning Studio

In collaboration with Digital Promise, EC developed PD for this powerful STEM solution which includes Microsoft, Sprout and Dremel 3D.

Google Expeditions

Many vendors sell Google Expedition Kits. Our partners bundle the PD we designed for the first kits available.


This highly interactive 3D device allows you to manipulate learning artifacts that jump off the screen! We are one of their largest training partners.



We help schools nurture innovative mindsets and build capacity to creatively solve problems through Design Thinking.


Design Workshops

Learn Design Thinking through hands-on experiences with our world-class Design Thinking Facilitators. Take advantage of our existing workshops or work with us to build a custom solution to meet your needs.

Design Consulting

Bring Design Thinking into your school as a productive method to solve your challenges. Looking at new spaces, a new schedule or redesigning an academic program? Our Design Consultants can facilitate.

Design Webinars

Interested in Design Thinking but looking for lower-cost and shorter time solutions? Our Design Webinars are offered by our world-class Design Thinking trainers. Choose from existing or custom content.




Below are just a few of our many, varied keynote speakers. We have experts in nearly all fields of education research and practice. The EC difference is that our Keynoters are not just talkers, they are doers! Experience the impact when your Keynoter carries the tangible credibility that comes from Educational Collaborators!


Ann McMullan

Former Executive Director of EdTech at Klein ISD

Former Executive Director of EdTech at Klein ISD, nationally renowned speaker, author, and consultant.

Jonathan Martin

Former Head of School

Former Head of 3 schools, prolific blogger and keynoter on school leadership with degrees and fellowships from Harvard and Columbia.

Kevin Jarrett

Master of the Maker Movement

Master of the Maker movement, Stanford Fablearn Fellow and Google Certified Innovator, and presenter extraordinaire.

Dr. Robert Dillon

Director of Innovation

Director of Innovation in MO, former teacher and principal, prolific author in space design and national speaker.

Teryl Magee


A 20+ year educator, coach, leader, a NSBA “20 to Watch,” Discovery Leader of the Year, keynoter, and consultant.

Susan Bearden

Lead for K-12 Infrastructure Guide

Former Senior Education Pioneers Fellow for the U.S. Office of Educational Technology. Lead for K-12 Infrastructure Guide


Our workshops are not some isolated, canned experience. We take the time to know your goals and how our workshop can further that goal. We select from our 100+ Collaborators to find the right fit for your skill, pedagogical and cultural needs.



Workshops should be as unique as your school community. “Canned content” does not respect previous professional learning, it ignores your major initiatives. Educational Collaborators takes the time to listen to who you are and where you are. We then customize the content and select the Collaborator to meet you where you are, connect with you, give you hands on experiences and help you get where you want to go. Simply put, Professional Learning is about you, it is not about us!


Your school initiatives are multidimensional. Your workshops should be as well! Though EC honors the content goals you have, we will also seek to connect it and contextualize it in your educational ecosystem. We are platform agnostic and can help you move fluidly among Google, Microsoft and Apple. We can integrate tools with your Learning Management System and embed the learning in a framework such as Universal Design for Learning, Marzano, or even one created by you!


With over 100 Collaborators, we can find the right person for your school. Sometimes the “biggest” name flops with your faculty. Just as in your classrooms, the best learning comes with a connection. We listen carefully to your content needs, your cultural needs, your political challenges and find the person who is the best fit; not just a person who published a recent book. Our clients regularly comment on how impressed they were with the assigned presenter. We care about your audience.


We offer the same high quality experiences found in our live professional development portfolio via virtual learning sessions to help schools, districts, and colleges achieve their remote instructional goals.


Webinar Training

Two 90-minute or Three 60-minute tailored webinars to meet your solution based training goals. Topics include: Teaching Online, Google, Microsoft and more.


Customized coaching provided in 3-hour blocks in 30-minute segments of live, remote support for your teachers and staff to deal with the shift from classroom to remote learning instruction.

Online Learning

Access our LMS to get self-paced and instructor led learning module based experiences for your faculty and staff on demand anytime anywhere.

And Much More…

We call ourselves Collaborators because we do our best work when we listen to and work closely with you. Let us help bring your ideas to life!


Complete or kickstart your certification. EC has one of the largest groups of certified educators in the world and most are current educators putting these certifications to work, just like you!


Google Educator Level I

One or two day bootcamp to prepare for the Level I exam. Let our Google Certified Trainers help your teachers get to a common level of comfort with G-Suite Applications.

Google Educator Level II

Two day bootcamp to get deeper into integrating the G-Suite Applications into the curriculum with EC’s Google Certified Trainers while preparing for the Level II Exam.

Google Certified Trainer

Two day bootcamp with online support to help prepare you for the Google Certified Trainer exam and application delivered by one of Google’s longest PD Partners.

Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainer Academy

Earn your Trainer certification in this intense, hands-on workshop. Build your school or districts capacity in just 2 days!