The Microsoft Education Transformation Framework

The Microsoft Education Framework is an effective, flexible platform for education transformation. To develop it, we combed the latest research and consulted hundreds of academics, experts and  policy makers.  The Transformation Framework gives you a conversation starter to challenge customers – MoEs, regional authorities, school chains and other system level leaders – and to help them to discover solutions that can bring real impact to their organizational priorities. 




Ann McMullan

Ann McMullan is a Senior Collaborator with Educational Collaboratorst. The primary focus of her work is leadership, visioning and planning, targeted to making learning relevant for all students. Ann is a frequent speaker at international, national and state education conferences. Prior to her family’s move to Los Angeles, Ann served for sixteen years as the Executive Director of Educational Technology, in Klein ISD, Texas, which is recognized as a national leader and model district for transforming learning and teaching through technology. Ann is a Senior Fellow with the Center for Digital Education and a certified Microsoft Innovative Educator. To learn more about Ann McMullan please visit

Dr. Kecia Ray

Dr. Ray is a Senior Collaborator with Educational Collaborators. Her distinguished career includes designing technology within the Frist Center for the Visual Arts and directing technology research through Vanderbilt University School of Medicine Science Outreach programs. As a district administrator for Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools, she led the award-winning design, implementation, and evaluation of instructional technology programs including instructional design for online and blended learning environments, redesigning physical learning environments, establishing the virtual high school, and redefining school libraries. Dr. Ray is published and recognized internationally for her work in online and blended learning as well as flexible learning environments.

Dr. Ray is a member of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) and is past president of the ISTE Board of Directors. Dr. Ray also serves on the board of eLearn Institute and the board of Learning Bird Inc. In 2015, she was invited to serve on a USDOE technical working group focused on evaluating education technology. She is a four-time recipient of the Presidents Volunteer Service Award and the ISTE lifetime achievement ‘Making IT Happen’ Award. Dr. Ray was named ’20 to Watch’ by the National School Board Association, Woman of the Year by the National Association of Professional Women, one of the top 10 EdTech Leaders by Tech and Learning magazine, and most recently named a Top 100 EdTech Influencer by EdTech Digest. She is an instructor at Johns Hopkins University in the Graduate School of Education and after leading the Center for Digital Education for three years, she now leads a leadership community forum, K20Connect and other passion projects.

Nic Finelli

Nic is a Senior Collaborator with Educational Collaborators. He provides a broad range of customized professional development, training, and consulting services, focusing on meaningful, efficient, and successful technology integration. With more than 18 years of classroom teaching experience and years of service as a school-based technology-integration specialist, Nic truly believes and has an appreciation for the teaching and learning context, and an extensive first-hand knowledge base, that is unique and unmatched among full-time providers in the edtech field today. He has been recognized as an Google for Education Certified Trainer, Microsoft Innovative Educator Trainer, a SMART Certified Education Consultant and worked with Apple Professional Learning as a education provider as well.  Nic is a National Board Certified Teacher, a Google for Education Certified Innovator, YouTube for Teachers Curator, Hapara Certified Educator, Apple Teacher, and a Discovery Star Educator. He holds a Master of Arts in Teaching and has instructed graduate-level courses in technology integration.