Augmented Services

Stop taking risks and allowing work to accumulate due to inadequate staffing. Instead, take proactive measures to address gaps, tackle challenges head-on, and secure a promising future for technology within your school.

• Currently, schools and districts are using this service to augment CIO, Academic Technology Coordinator, and Database Administrator.

• Enhance your institutions operational & leadership capacity in technology with top talent in the industry without taking on a salary & benefits.

• Drastically improve the strategic use of technology in your school or district to improve the student learning experience as well as the parent and employee experience.

• Gain a competitive edge in technology that differentiates your school or district from others.



Comprehensive remote staffing that goes beyond simply hiring a single person:

• A team of experts available and familiar with your district at the cost of a single FTE.
• A dedicated collaborator and point-of-contact to work with on a regular basis.
• Ongoing strategic planning and deep insights on improving your technology program.




Schools that augment their internal IT & EdTech staffing with our services accomplish more and get a higher return on investment in technology compared to an in-house only tech staff.

How It Works

Simple Onboarding

At the beginning of the engagement, Educational Collaborators works with your school to conduct an audit of the systems and workflows in order to best understand your current IT environment. You will have access to the EC collaborator assigned to the project as well as our CTO & CIO in order to chart the best course possible for the school.

Efficient Processes

The EC team works with your school leadership to set objectives, goals and identifies key stakeholders to work with throughout the school year. The EC team works with your school to setup a meeting and communication schedule to ensure objectives, goals and tasks are met in a timely fashion.

Streamlined Communication

The EC point person engages regularly with your school’s stakeholders and the systems and workflows that fall under the shared services agreement.

Strategic Frameworks

Midway through the year and at the end of the year, the EC team and our CTO & CIO will assess progress, prepare additional goals and objectives and report on progress as well as make recommendations to improve the overall effectiveness of the engagement and your technology program.

I am excited about having dedicated leadership and an experienced team in IT while at the same time integrating them with all our academic and operational departments.

Michele Clays, Head of School, Langley School in Virginia, Web Client