Google Anywhere School Experience

An immersive, pedagogical experience that positions educators and students
at the center of project-based learning.


• Solve global challenges
• Remove the walls from your classroom
• Immerse yourself in Google tools and authentic learning

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What You Get


Hands-On Immersive experiences, such as:

• Can a Rubbish Dump Be A Classroom?
• Teachable Machine
• Basecamp Escape
• And More!

Educators can’t knock down the four walls of their classroom, but they can change how they set up what’s inside & the tools they use to teach & inspire their students.

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Educational Collaborators will
send the trainer and
all of the materials to engage in an incredible immersive
learning experience!


“As a “Google Girl,” I thought I knew everything about google tools for education… that is UNTIL I attended The Anywhere School training! I was blown away by the immersive experience and instantly knew this training would transform the way I teach.”

Ketura Rush
Technology Integration Specialist, Monticello School district (AR)
Senior Collaborator, Educational Collaborators

What Do We Do?

Instruction Hub

In this section, we set the stage for the challenge ahead. We identify the problems and key facts about the global challenge we are going to address.

Research Lab

In this section, we dissect the problem and dig deeper to get the full picture. We develop our research skills and collaborate with experts and our peers.

Creative Lab

In this section, we take everything we learned during the instruction and research sections, and explore possible creative solutions to the global challenge.

Lindy Hockenbary

Instructional Coach, EdTech Master

Instructional Coach, Google for Education Certified Trainer,  Microsoft Innovative Educator Master Trainer.

Keturah Rush

Educator. Coach. Facilitator.
Educator. Coach. Facilitator.
Helping others innovate in their classroom.

Nic Finelli

Learner. Facilitator. Designer.
Learner. Facilitator. Designer.
Meeting learners where they are and moving forward.