Independent School Cybersecurity Assessment


True story: An email account belonging to an admission office staff member was accessed by hackers. Within the account the hackers identified applicants on the school’s wait list. The hackers then emailed those families a fake acceptance letter along with a phony link to pay a “deposit.” *

How prepared is your school to defend against a cyber attack? Did you know that documented alignment to industry standards reduces your legal liability risk? Educational Collaborators offers a low cost Cybersecurity Assessment aligned with the ATLIS Cybersecurity Recommendations. Have your cybersecurity profile evaluated by the people that created the recommendations for ATLIS.

In this engagement, your school will:

• Better understand the ATLIS Recommendations in real world actions

• Learn the risk associated with your school’s policies and practices

• Receive a SMART plan to address areas of greatest risk


$2,499 Schools with under 500 student

$3,999 Schools with 500 or more students

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*Source: Britto, Jamie. “Trend Lines: What Independent Schools Need to Know about Cybersecurity.” NAIS, Accessed 26, September, 2018.