K-12 Cybersecurity Assessment

We help schools create a safer space for their community by guiding them through a high impact, low cost process to develop their cybersecurity roadmap.


• Created by expert practitioners in school technology, cybersecurity, insurance, and law

• Delivered by School CTO’s

• High impact, low cost and low time investment




• Dashboard of your cybersecurity readiness
• Identification of highest risk and easiest implementation areas
• Clear and understandable roadmap for risk mitigation


Don’t spend over $15,000 for a report that confuses school leaders and ultimately does little or nothing to secure your community!

For less than 4 hours of your time and far less money, get an actionable plan from a process that educates and involves your school leaders.


Rapid Orientation

Our experts help you create an action-oriented Cyber team of admin, technology leaders and privileged data users. We spend 30 minutes discussing cybersecurity and launching the process.

Cyber Assessment

Your team works together to complete our online assessment. We review technical, personnel and policy systems. Your responses are scored for risk and ease of remediation.

Get Your Roadmap

Our experts review your responses, create a performance dashboard and build your cyber roadmap. We meet with you for 1 hour to begin the process of putting that plan into action.

The final report delivery got school leadership on the same page with priorities and specific areas that needed focus. We’ve made more progress in the past month as a team than tech alone has made in a year and a half. It’s incredibly cost-effective for small schools and delivers an understandable dashboard with actionable work plans to resolve deficient areas.

Brian Horton, Duke School (NC)

Why is EC’s Cybersecurity Assessment Different?

Low Cost

Priced to be accessible to all schools. Price differences are reflective of typical complexity.

Schools under 500 students = $2,499
Schools 500 and above = $3,999
Public School Districts = $4,999

Easy To Use

We streamline our process so your team typically spends less than 4 hours of their time which is a small investment for the radical improvements that come from involving admin and privileged data users in the process.

Actionable Results

The report provides a plan, appropriate for your school context. We identify high risks and low-hanging fruit to move quickly. We also provide relevant resources to address needs more quickly and usually for a much lower cost.