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We are an award winning boutique design studio based in London

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Designed with Simplicity In Mind
Yet Packed Full Of Cutting-edge Technology



A Typical Web Project
Brief Development, Research & Analysis
Concept Design & Client Approval
Wireframing, UX & UI Layout Design
OneUp Team Makeup
Developers, Technical Staff
Designers, Creative Staff
Business, Finance & Marketing Staff


Professional Development

Instructional Design

Laptops or Chromebooks

Study cubes

Air cleaning units

Initiating and maintaining education and support services or assistance for remote or hybrid learning or to address learning loss.

Redeveloping instructional plans, including curriculum development, for remote or hybrid learning, or to address learning loss.

Educational technology (including hardware, software, connectivity, assistive technology, and adaptive equipment) to assist students, educators, and other staff with remote or hybrid learning.

Physical barriers to facilitate social distancing.

Improving ventilation systems, including windows or portable air purification systems.

PD Scheduling & Registration


Virtual Training

PD Content

Guided Learning

Badging & Credentialing

PD Tracking

Online Learning

Access our LMS to get self-paced and instructor led learning module based experiences for your faculty and staff on demand anytime anywhere.


Customized coaching provided in 3-hour blocks in 30-minute segments of live, remote support for your teachers and staff to deal with the shift from classroom to remote learning instruction.

Webinar Training

Two 90-minute or Three 60-minute tailored webinars to meet your solution based training goals. Topics include: Teaching Online, Google, Microsoft and more.




And Much More…

We call ourselves Collaborators because we do our best work when we listen to and work closely with you. Let us help bring your ideas to life!

Expert Panel

Get several EC experts working with your teacher-leaders for less than the cost of having one on-site! You pick the topic, we assemble the experts!

Real Time Coaching

Use a webinar as a live recorded learning session with a PLN and a designated topic and expert to advance your PLN goals.

Tools of the Trade

Learn how either G-Suite or Office 365 can empower learning across the curriculum and administrative life of the school.

Classroom Management

In a 1-to-1 Program


In a High Tech School

Maker Spaces

In a College Prep Program

Tech Infused Marzano

Common Core with Chromebooks

Google Expeditions


Epson BrightLinks

Learning Studio

Science Bits




HP Sprout

Minecraft Academy



Office 365 Academy

One Note Academy

MIE Teacher Academy

MIE Trainer Academy

And Much More!

Full STEAM Ahead with G-Suite

Google Expeditions

Chromebook Remote Deployment Support

Creating Collaborative Learning Environments

Google Educator Level II Support

Google Educator Level I

Technical Professional Development

Administrator Professional Development

Teacher Professional Development

Professional Development Program Design

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Construction Planning

Change Management

Strategic Planning

DB Audits

EdTech Audits

Tech Audits


The web is a big place, so we shout loudly.. (more…)


Our client’s companies grow and mature with us.. (more…)


Small teams with one on one client liasions.. (more…)


Mobile, web, server, we develop for all of them.. (more…)


A team of creative professionals ready to roll.. (more…)

We Manage

We’ll create and manage your online presence.. (more…)

On paper


Keturah Rush

Educator. Coach. Facilitator.
Educator. Coach. Facilitator.
Helping others innovate in their classroom.

Nic Finelli

Learner. Facilitator. Designer.
Learner. Facilitator. Designer.
Meeting learners where they are and moving forward.

Lindy Hockenbary

Instructional Coach, EdTech Master

Instructional Coach, Google for Education Certified Trainer,  Microsoft Innovative Educator Master Trainer.

(Mary Cantwell)

Learner. Design Thinker. Educator

Seeks connections cracks, & collaborations.
Favorite DT Mindset: Prototype to Learn

(Ellen Deutscher)

Educator. Design Thinker. Empathy Warrior

Creating impact through human connection and understanding.
Favorite DT Mindset(s): (be) Human-Centered and Mindful of Process

(Kevin Jarrett)

Facilitator. Connector. Educator.

Working every day to help move creative ideas forward.
Favorite DT Mindset: Mindful of Process

Report Summary

Maker Education

Now that you HAVE a makerspace, what are you going to DO with it?

Making as a discipline offers schools a unique opportunity to put students in charge of their own learning. Design thinking provides a framework for “purposeful making” – making that matters – because it inspires students to generate solutions to real-world problems. Linking design & making in this way empowers learners to create their own knowledge and establishes a relevance that, individually, each area of study otherwise lacks.

Design Thinking

(a.k.a. Human-Centered Design or HCD)

Design Thinking / HCD is a methodology being used by businesses, organizations (including leading brands such as IBM, Target, SAP, Proctor and Gamble and Intuit) as well as collaborative teams all over the world. It is being taught at leading universities including Stanford and Harvard. Why all the hype? Design Thinking is a way to rapidly develop innovative solutions to problems grounded in the deep understanding of an end user’s needs. Bringing design thinking into an organization will ignite transformation, engagement, and impactful change moving forward.

Kecia Ray

Consultant, Former ISTE Board President

Former ISTE Board president and large district senior administrator, international leader, speaker, & consultant

Steve Aronne

Director of Business Development

A sales executive with a career in education from the classroom to PBS.

Dr. Robert Dillon

Director of Innovation

Director of Innovation in MO, former teacher and principal, prolific author in space design and national speaker.

Rick Lapi

Instructional Tech Director

Instructional Tech Director in PA, Google Certified Trainer, Minecraft EDU Certified, MIE Trainer and prolific presenter.

Therese Adams

Director of Business Administration

Director of Business Administration and a certified recreation therapist for education. She gets stuff done!

Mike Manning

Partner, Strategic Initiatives

Co-Founder with 20 years in the education sector at IBM and Educational Collaborators.

Rita Oates

Former EdTech Director at Miami-Dade School District

Former EdTech director at Miami-Dade School District and former VP of Edu at ePals, prolific author and presenter.

Desiree Alexander

Featured Collaborators

Google Certified Trainer & Innovator, Apple Teacher, and Microsoft Certified Educator, and trainer extraordinaire.

Brian Dalton


Current teacher with 20+ years experience, Microsoft Master Trainer, game designer, prolific presenter and Skype Master!

Susan Bearden

Lead for K-12 Infrastructure Guide

Former Senior Education Pioneers Fellow for the U.S. Office of Educational Technology. Lead for K-12 Infrastructure Guide

Teryl Magee


A 20+ year educator, coach, leader, a NSBA “20 to Watch,” Discovery Leader of the Year, keynoter, and consultant.

Kevin Jarrett

Master of the Maker Movement

Master of the Maker movement, Stanford Fablearn Fellow and Google Certified Innovator, and presenter extraordinaire.

Jonathan Martin

Former Head of School

Former Head of 3 schools, prolific blogger and keynoter on school leadership with degrees and fellowships from Harvard and Columbia.

Ann McMullan

Former Executive Director of EdTech at Klein ISD

Former Executive Director of EdTech at Klein ISD, nationally renowned speaker, author, and consultant.

Alex Inman

Founder & President

Founder with over 20 years experience as teacher, tech director and senior administrator. NSBA “20 to Watch” and global presenter.

Karen Montgomery

Director of Operations & Customer Experience

Director of Operations, overseeing our Collaborators and Offerings. Karen is a former science teacher and education advocate for AT&T.


I am excited about having dedicated leadership and an experienced team in IT while at the same time integrating them with all our academic and operational departments.

Michele Clays, Head of School, Langley School in Virginia, Web Client

Ellen’s work is always well-received by teachers and principal practitioners alike. Her unique approach to human-centered design provides the nascent-to-expert creators and innovators with practical tools to bring unearthed ideas to light. Ellen speaks in a universal language that all teachers hear.

Dr. Kaleb Rashad, High Tech High (HTH) Director of Creative Leadership

The final report delivery got school leadership on the same page with priorities and specific areas that needed focus. We’ve made more progress in the past month as a team than tech alone has made in a year and a half. It’s incredibly cost-effective for small schools and delivers an understandable dashboard with actionable work plans to resolve deficient areas.

Brian Horton, Duke School (NC)

Working with Mary helped our team reimagine ways to connect to and understand our end-users more deeply. Through undergoing intensive design thinking training, we were able to strengthen our needfinding and empathy driven work around parenting and nutrition.  Mary made a lasting impact in our efforts to help raise healthier families.

Lisa Y. Sharp, Manager, Wellness Marketing, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta (GA)

Whether new to Design Thinking or a seasoned pro, Ellen provides something to learn for everyone! She made me laugh, she made me think, and she even made me do a little dance. I know I’m a better empathizer and ideater because of her workshop.

Dr. Laura Spencer, Executive Director of Innovation and Design, Del Mar Union School District, CA

Teachers walked away with a solid understanding, strategies, and ideas on how to facilitate Design Thinking among their students. Design Thinking is also about the mindsets and Kevin is certainly helping us reach our transformational leadership goals. We're looking forward to working with him again!

Adam Lindstrom, Supervisor of Instructional Technology, Marlboro Township Public Schools, NJ

Mary Cantwell accelerated our growth as a school through her support of design thinking with our staff and our students. Mary has the rare ability to simplify complex concepts and methodologies so that everyone -from preschoolers to adults- has an entry point to be successful.

Steve Saunders, Principal, Albemarle County Public School (VA)

Ellen is at the top of the class in leading workshops that equally inspire and engage her audiences. Participants walk away with activities, strategies, and skills that can be used in their work immediately - regardless of their role. 

Dr. Eric Chagala, Founding Principal Vista Innovation Academy (VIDA), CA & Co-Founder #DesignCamp for Education

Investing in a consultant is one of the most important decisions a school leader can make. Kevin’s dedication, passion, and vast experience has helped transform my district into a Design Thinking leader, and made me a better leader in my school community. 

Glenn Robbins, Superintendent, Tabernacle School District, Tabernacle, NJ

Having a set of unbiased eyes look over the data and find trends that we missed was invaluable. The themes that were discovered and discussed are really going to help us guide larger conversations about the intersection of pedagogy and practice. On the operations side, low hanging fruit came to light that will improve everyone’s experience with technology.

Peter Antupit, Chief Information Officer, Crystal Springs Uplands School

Through my experiences as a consultant with Educational Collaborators, I am able to work with amazing educators, administrators, and technology leaders around the world. Knowing that I am able to provide training and guidance that potentially impacts teaching and learning for so many teachers and students is an incredibly rewarding experience!

JULENE REED, Senior Collaborator with Educational Collaborators and Director of Academic Technology of St. George’s School

Educational Collaborators is more than just a consulting firm. It is a community of high caliber educators with deep experience who deliver customized work. I know that I can call upon my fellow collaborators to help creatively and efficiently tackle any challenge. EC is a full-service consulting group that can address the complex needs of schools and I thoroughly enjoy working my colleagues at EC because they truly understand schools and seek to find the best  personalized solutions for clients

LUCY GRAY, Senior Collaborator and Founder of Global Education Conference

Working with Educational Collaborators has been a tremendously valuable experience for our school district. As part of a comprehensive school technology needs assessment, EC spoke with every member of our Educational Technology department and district leadership team to gain a deep understanding of our current operations. Utilizing that information along with our vision for digital learning, EC was able to provide our team a comprehensive plan tailored to our goals and resources designed to maximize effectiveness. We recommend their services to any school district looking to shift from a print to digital environment. 

DR. JUDY WIEGAND, Superintendent of Champaign Unit #4 School District

Educational Collaborators has helped transform our teaching and learning at our school.  They put a comprehensive plan together to help meet our educational goals.  Every Educational Collaborator team member assigned to our school is a guru in their field.

AMY KRAUSE, Technology Coordinator of Pontiac Township High School

I always state that one of the best things I love about EC is that they customize training to accommodate the customers goal and customize down to the proficiency level of each teacher. This is  high value add for my customers.

HENRY VELOZA, Account Executive of Lenovo

I have found Educational Collaborators to be world class in many ways. Their representation of Google's technology and their service and support of products to our mutual customer base has always been courteous and above all, professional in every respect.

KEVIN HODGES, Midwest Sales Manager of Google

Educational Collaborators deftly provided an in-depth analysis of our numerous systems and process and provided a detailed report of the goals we need to achieve to have a strong and stable systems infrastructure and gave specific instructions on how to achieve those goals.

DAISY STEELE, Catlin Gabel School, OR

Personalized service adapted to our school's specific needs as well as the quality of the trainer for our Google Certification Level 1 course, made EC the obvious choice now and for our future training needs.

RENE HAWKINS, Garrison Forest School, MD

EC was very responsive to our needs at the administrative level, and most importantly, they were very responsive and able to differentiate to teacher needs.

DR. JACKIE REMOVCIK, Hampton Township School District, PA

Educational Collaborators provided an excellent service at a reasonable cost that was targeted to our specific needs and outcomes.

JACK R. BYRD, Fort Wayne Community Schools, IN

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