Private, 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization, Teton Science Schools


Data project outcomes are often difficult to predict because these projects are so deeply tied to the unique operations of each school. Educational Collaborators (EC) recommends that each data project begin with an audit. The results of the audit will typical yield one of three outcomes; a plan to better leverage current tools, a plan to connect a variety of existing tools, or a plan to add new or replace existing tools.

Teton Science Schools (TSS), a nonprofit organization with innovative educational programs in Wyoming and Idaho, contracted with Educational Collaborators, LLC to conduct an information management audit.

Growth and expansion of the science programs during the last decade led Teton Science Schools to realize that, since departments within the school have become more interdependent, the need for database integration, data management policies and procedures, and business rules has renewed significance. The school was dealing with issues of “silo management” where data from one department could not be shared seamlessly with another. The administration, agreeing that some type of change was needed, sought an outside perspective to evaluate and recommend ways to improve internal data operations and data flow.

The EC team presented TSS with commendations and recommendations for improved efficiency, training, and a workflow process and delineated ways TSS uses its databases and how future data systems should function. Finally, recommendations about meeting data needs with the current configuration, modifications to link existing databases, or requirements to replace existing systems were also provided.