Webinar Package (Three)


Webinar 1: Introduction to Design Thinking for Educators – the who, what, why, and how A fast-paced hour of conversation, reflection, and sharing about the current state of design thinking (human-centered design, hcd) in K-12 education. Led by experienced design practitioners and veteran educators, this webinar features practical, actionable strategies that can be used right away to determine how design thinking can transform a school or classroom. Participants will gain a better understanding of the power and simplicity of design thinking and resources that will guide them on their journey.

Webinar 2: Going Deeper with Design Thinking Build on the knowledge gained in Webinar 1 by diving deeper into mindsets by focusing on the behaviors and attitudes of a design thinker. Bias towards action, human-centered, and being mindful of the process are just a few of the mindsets participants will put into practice through exercises, provocations, and reflections. How are your current mindsets creating roadblocks within your classroom? How can DT mindsets impact the learning outcomes of your students?

Webinar 3: Design Thinking K-12 Best Practices Conclude the series by discussing, exploring and evaluating three case studies of established, successful and innovative schools that have embraced design thinking systematically and with intention. Together, we will identify common features, approaches, and scalability of each school’s design thinking initiatives where participants will create mind maps to brainstorm a 30,000 feet snapshot of goals, actions, and what ifs to infuse design thinking into their school.