We help you streamline your adoption and use of technology using your culture, short surveys and predictive analytics to focus efforts on what matters most to you.


• Stop wasting money on tech

• Discover what activities are having the greatest positive impact

• Target efforts on activities that will create the biggest improvement





Get Benchmark Scores and Predictive Analytics on:

• EdTech Impact
• IT Operations
• Data Security


Stop spending your time putting out fires and focus your Instructional Tech and IT staff on the activities that will move your school ahead on the things that matter to you!

How It Works

Complete Surveys

Deploy a Faculty/Staff survey (12 minutes),
student survey (8 minutes) and work with the administrative team to complete the Admin survey.

Get Your Report

Once you have completed and submitted the electronic surveys. We will run the report providing benchmark data and predictive analytics about how to improve. 

Talk to an Analyst

In addition to the report, one of our analysts will review your data looking for additional insights and provide you tools to do further analysis and data-driven planning.

Having a set of unbiased eyes look over the data and find trends that we missed was invaluable. The themes that were discovered and discussed are really going to help us guide larger conversations about the intersection of pedagogy and practice. On the operations side, low hanging fruit came to light that will improve everyone’s experience with technology.

Peter Antupit, Chief Information Officer, Crystal Springs Uplands School

Why is TIE different?

Respects Culture

Each school is unique. Your use of technology should reflect your culture. Your EdTech Impact Score is reflective of what you value, not your neighbor school.

Predictive Analytics

The world is full of “best practices” but which are best for your school? TIE will recommend best practices that are most likely to have a significant impact in YOUR school. 

Low Cost

TIE’s purpose is to reduce cost and increase impact. It doesn’t make sense for this to be expensive! TIE costs only $1,500 per district with optional school level reports for $500/school.