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Catholic School



Successful 1:1 learning initiatives that incorporate student–centered learning, project–based learning, purposeful technology integration, and authentic learning experiences are based on a strong foundation related to the mission of the school and the goals and objectives of the instructional program.


Along with faculty, staff, and administrators at St. Francis Catholic High School, Educational Collaborators conducted a comprehensive analysis of the primary factors involved in implementing a one–to–one program: Infrastructure Review and Development, Financial Planning, Device Procurement and Deployment, End User Support, Curriculum Integration, Marketing/Communication, and Professional Development. Throughout the process, St. Francis’ institutional mission and unique goals and objectives remained at the forefront of all decision–making processes. The establishment of a professional and ongoing, deep relationship between the collaborators who worked with the school and the administrators and faculty of the school provided a successful framework for change management.

St. Francis Catholic High School continues the successful journey of engaging and creative education in a 1:1 iPad program. The energy and excitement exhibited by faculty and students as they engage more deeply in the process of teaching and learning provide testimony to the effective and successful implementation of their 1:1 program, establishing a true culture of change.