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Small Public School District




Today’s high school students are growing up in the digital age where life without technology is as foreign as an alien from another planet.  Schools are tasked with the uncertainty of embracing new ways for teachers to teach and students to learn.

Purchasing technology is the easy part. Pontiac Township High School (PTHS) knew it needed a partner like educational collaborators, to help develop a solid tactical approach and “create a culture for change”  with funding from a federal grant, PTHS engaged EC and embarked on a custom scope of work designed to help meet their goals.  With EC’s help, PTHS was able to work in collaboration with 1:1 experts through all of the tactical issues associated with putting a 1:1 initiative into practice.  Specifically, Educational Collaborators worked with PTHS on a physical infrastructure assessment, the end-user support strategy, financing, communication planning, curriculum integration, software image design and the development of a multi-year professional development plan.

At the same time various stakeholders within the school and in the greater community participated in surveys, interviews, and focus groups with consultants from educational collaborators to reach consensus on the goals for the program, the assessment strategy and on-going PD & communications strategies.  Run in parallel, both activities set a foundation for moving the school toward a curriculum built around twenty-first century technology skills.