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Mid-size Public School District



It is imperative that today’s schools use digital, 21st century techniques to teach in all subjects. In most cases, this requires that teachers and administrators have opportunities to expand their own skill sets. Understanding the culture of an organization and taking that into account as a piece of the change process prepares people to receive professional development and create higher overall success and lower overall costs when implementing a one-to-one program.

The Park Hill School District is located in Platte County, Missouri includes eight different municipalities—Kansas City, MO, Houston Lake, Lake Waukomis, Parkville, Platte Woods, Northmoor, Riverside and Weatherby Lake.

The District chose Educational Collaborators “to provide consultation services in regard to effectively implementing a student-centered digital device initiative to increase 21st century skills and digital literacy for every student.” The EC team assisted the district in developing a plan for a technology immersion program and helped Park hill to clarify the goals within the community and establish a process of assessment with a time-tested, data-driven methodology.

During the initial one-to-one program pilot in 5th grade, EC provided further support with professional development during the first summer and school year of the program.