Microsoft Workshops

FY19 MIE Academy Sessions

◊ 21 CLD Teacher Academy

◊ MIE Trainer Academy

◊ MIE Teacher Academy

◊ Office 365 Teacher Academy

◊ OneNote Teacher Academy

◊ Minecraft: Education Edition Academy

◊ MIE Teacher Academy using Microsoft Teams

◊ Preparing students to be college and career ready with Office 365

◊ Windows 10 Teacher Academy

◊ Lesson Design with OneNote

◊ A teacher’s day made easier with OneNote Class Notebooks

◊ Enhancing assessment in 21st Century Classrooms

◊ Physical Computing with MakeCode

◊ Introduction to Computational Thinking

◊ Do More with Office 2016

◊ #CS4All: Developing computational thinking for all students

◊ 20 in 50: Twenty ways AI is built into Office 365 to revolutionize your productivity

◊ Administrators lead the way: Closing the achievement gap with Learning Tools and more

◊ Bring computational thinking into any classroom using Microsoft MakeCode and Hacking STEM

◊ Build it, make it, know it! Design thinking with Minecraft: Education Edition and other tools

◊ Drive efficient school leadership coordination and reduce workload with Microsoft Teams and Staff Notebook

◊ Lead the transformation: An administrator’s pathway to success with the Education Transformation Framework

◊ Let’s Team Up! Getting started with Microsoft Teams

◊ Let’s get phygital: Mixing digital and physical technology for engagement

◊ One Notebook to rule them all: How OneNote Class Notebook changes the scope of learning around the world

◊ Seven steps to make learning more accessible

◊ S’way cool: Elevate student voice across the curriculum

◊ The pen is mightier than the keyboard: Benefits of digital inking across Windows 10

◊ Track it, quiz it, flip it, try it: Microsoft Teams in your classroom

◊ Tweet and tag your way to a stronger #PLN

◊ Want to build an inclusive classroom? Learning Tools is your superpower

◊ What’s your app-titude? Discover the best-loved apps for teaching and learning in the Microsoft store

◊ Won’t you be my neighbor? Skype, Microsoft Teams, and Office Online build communities around the world

◊ World changers unite! Level the playing field with Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Translator