EdTech Audits

Stop wasting time and money putting out fires and start being strategic with your technology programs and systems.


• Get a better return on your technology investments

• Create consensus on where your technology efforts should be

• Focus your work towards strategic value






Comprehensive or focused investigation on:

• Academic Technology
• IT Infrastructure
• Technology Staffing
• Database Systems and Workflow




Schools save more money than they spend on our EdTech Audits and have a bigger impact on the classroom and operations.

How It Works

Complete Self Assessment

Complete or guided self-study. This tool helps you organize your technology resources, understand yourself and better save your money. Can’t finish it? No problem, we can help when we are on-site.

On-Site Visit and Focus Groups

EC will come on-site to review and validate the self-study report. We will also meet with relevant constituents (faculty, staff, parents, board, students) to hear from them to help guide future work.

Constituent Survey

We use the qualitative research from our on-site visit to build custom surveys for your community. We deploy these to gather qualitative data to drive the report recommendations for your technology efforts.

Report Delivery

When complete EC, provides an extensive report with an executive summary identifying strengths and recommendations for improvement. An Executive Summary is provided for use with the Board or within department communication.

Having a set of unbiased eyes look over the data and find trends that we missed was invaluable. The themes that were discovered and discussed are really going to help us guide larger conversations about the intersection of pedagogy and practice. On the operations side, low hanging fruit came to light that will improve everyone’s experience with technology.

Peter Antupit, Chief Information Officer, Crystal Springs Uplands School