Cybersecurity Assessment to help you secure your community

Benefits of our Cybersecurity Assessment

Save Time

Our Cybersecurity Assessment will point out areas of highest risk that are most easily attainable. Focus your energy on steps you can immediately take through internal changes.

Save Money

A cybersecurity audit can easily cost more than $20,000. Leverage our low cost assessment first to identify what you can do yourself and be more focused in future purchases.

Lower Risk

Our assessment identifies strategies based on ease of implementation and risk mitigation impact. Learn the steps that will give your school the greatest impact most quickly.

True K12 Cybersecurity Stories


An email account belonging to an admission office staff member was accessed by hackers. Within the account the hackers identified applicants on the school’s wait list. The hackers then emailed those families a fake acceptance letter along with a phony link to pay a “deposit.” *

Head of School

A head of school was tricked into giving out his account username and password. Impersonating the head and sending emails from his actual account, the thieves emailed the school’s bank, set up a new bank account and then started to transfer money from the school to the new account. *

Public Relations

A spreadsheet with student medical information was sent to teachers by the school nurse. One faculty member forwarded it to families, asking them to update information. Within hours, the school was sued by an anonymous parent and the lawsuit made the local newspaper. *

To many in school leadership, cybersecurity feels outside of their control and belongs to the IT staff. Hackers exploit this and circumvent the work of even the best IT teams. Educational Collaborators understands the whole school environment. Our quick, low cost engagement offers accessible, jargon-free conversation, assessment and reporting regarding cybersecurity in your school environment.

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Schools under 500 students = $2,499
Schools 500 and above = $3,999
Public School District = $4,999

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*Source: Britto, Jamie. “Trend Lines: What Independent Schools Need to Know about Cybersecurity.” NAIS, Accessed 26, September, 2018.