Secure Our Schools

CyberPulse Security Operations Center service can secure your school for free for the remainder of the school year!



In a Nutshell

Our partner CyberPulse is concerned for all the schools who have been put in a difficult position by the recent pandemic and wanted to extend an olive branch by making their cybersecurity services free. The offer is open to all US Public and Private school districts.
Join before December 18th, 2020 to apply for the FREE pilot program. The trial extends to June 30th, 2021

What You Get

Network Monitoring
Website Monitoring
As needed Reconfiguration of the School Networks
Assistance with Recovery
Security Event Reports
Information Security Hardening


What CyberPulse can do for you?


What you care about protecting the most. Sensitive assets, end points, and all areas of greatest risk.


Vigilantly for threats to your network’s safety with proactive policies, like criminal activity, and unauthorized access.


Every student’s, faculty’s, and staff’s work and personal devices on your network. Even when those devices are at home.


To threats before they cause harm
and immunize your school to an
attack like that from
happening again.


Mitigate, and recover from any successful attacks with proactive policies,
processes, and PR to help you along the way.


Meets NIST and FIPS Standards, a high standard set by the US government to secure the information in its own departments.

How does CyberPulse Keep my School Secure?

CyberPulse uses proprietary technology, industry experts, and nationwide data pool to recognize trends in cyber attacks and take proactive measures against intended targets.


How do I get started?

Get peace of mind for your community through this free trial of CyberPulse’s Security Operations Center through June 2020. Sign up now!