Small School Cybersecurity Dashboard

Helping small schools protect themselves from cyber threats by identifying the most important steps to take now.



• Created by school tech, cyber, insurance, and legal experts
• Designed to be accessible by school leadership
• Delivered by school CTO’s
• Low cost and low time investment
• This Cyber Awareness month offer ends Oct 31


The Cybersecurity Dashboard Includes:

• Access to our plain language assessment
• Dashboard of your cybersecurity readiness
• Guide to personal cybersecurity best practices
• Cybersecurity posters for the classroom and home
• Identification of specific risks in areas of technology, personnel and policy

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Small schools have an increased cybersecurity risk due to limited staff who fill multiple roles. This requires creative and cost-effective solutions.


30 Minute Orientation

Our experts help you create a Cyber team of admin, tech and privileged data users. We spend 30 minutes learning about cybersecurity and launching the process.

Cyber Assessment

Your team works together to complete our online assessment. We review technical, personnel and policy systems. Your responses are scored for risk and ease of remediation.

Get Your Dashboard

Our experts review your responses and build your cyber dashboard. We meet with your team remotely for 30 minutes to discuss the results and help you think about next steps for your school.

The 2019 National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Trendbook identifies Cyber and Data threats as a rising concern. The Trendbook cites data and recommendations from Educational Collaborators, recognizing EC as a leader in this field.

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Why is EC’s Cybersecurity Assessment Different?

Low Cost

We wanted to make this accessible specifically to small schools. Available to schools under 500 students. or public districts under 3,000 students, and only during October.
Only $1,000!

Easy To Use

We streamline our process so your team typically spends less than 2 hours of their time which is a small investment for the radical improvements that come from involving admin and privileged data users in the process.

Next Steps

The dashboard will identify high risks and low-hanging fruit to work on. If you need help with next steps, EC can analyze your data and build you a cybersecurity roadmap, including many free resources, for only $1,500 more.

Interested in our full K-12 Cybersecurity Assessment?

If you are already sure you need help building a Cybersecurity plan and are ready to get started, check out our K-12 CYBERSECURITY ASSESSMENT, which also has special small school pricing!